Photograph of Brian C. Rideout

It's me!

Brian C. Rideout is a full-time writer and artist living in Oshawa, Ontario. He has a beautiful wife and three demanding cats.

Brian grew up in Nova Scotia, and was raised on local ghost stories, tales of King Arthur and Mik’maw legends. He also was very interested in all of those things that some sorts of people believe will turn you into a raving serial-killing lunatic, like Dungeons and Dragons, heavy metal music, the occult, and fantasy novels.

They didn’t turn him into a serial killer, but he did have a quiet, awkward social life. He did turn out to be a practising neo-Pagan, and was foolish enough to take English and Philosophy in University.

You can see some of Brian’s artwork through his online portfolio.

His professional weblog can be read here.

He also runs a weird and woolly forum entitled Not Totally Retarded.

He has had short stories published in Tales of the Talisman, and the now defunct NeoMetropolis

You can contact him online by email at: brian_rideout@yahoo.ca


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey! I just found your blog. There was a link in the “related blogs” section of one of my posts. I like that wordpress feature! I’ll certainly be reading what you’ve written – especially pagan and music topics. Also, very cool guitar graphic up top there.

    • The “related blogs” section can be really interesting or downright bizarre… we seem to have a lot of common interests from what I’ve read so far!

  2. Yes, I would say so. It’s good to let the mind wander with these blogs – free-floating, stream of consciousness..

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