Revitalizing TCSG

I’ve been neglecting this blog for about two years.  Shortly after publishing The Coffee Shop Goddess I decided I needed a serious change in my life, which included taking a totally new direction, and putting my writing career on hold.  The resulting journey was… intense.  I have evolved a lot as a person.  I think I am finally ready to start writing some humour again.  Expect something new on Wednesday, and regularly on Wednesdays hereafter.  Pagan, sex, and dating humour.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning about what I’ve been up to, you can find me in two places:

New Worlds Coaching

After all the struggles that brought me to the self-publishing arena, including the mistakes, frustration, and heartbreak, I decided I wanted to help other writers accomplish what I did – only better!  I studied NLP, hypnosis, motivational speaking, time management, and a whole slew of other skills and became a life coach for artists, writers, and creative types.

After all, Niels Bohr once said “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made,in a narrow field”

The Wild Man Project

Of course, creativity isn’t the only thing I’ve struggled with for a very long time.  I’ve spent years trying to find a way to relate and understand my own masculinity and manhood.   After a particularly rough patch, I took an interest in Men’s Issues, and suddenly found a topic I was passionate about in a way I had never been before.

Studying Men’s issues took me down a rabbit hole: I moved from Game and Pick-Up Artistry to the Men’s Movement of the 1990s to the modern Men’s Rights Movement, to the growing 21st Century Masculinities movement… even (goddess help me!) the Metrosexual movement to try to understand what was going on in my life.

I am not only coaching, I am writing self-help materials, and an increasingly well-read (but usually pretty serious) blog about Men’s Issues.  I’ll be working on a book this Spring as well.

Believe me, the potential for laughs there is unbelievable.


~ by Brian Rideout on 27/02/2012.

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